Custom Branded MyFitnessPal Guide


Boost your business by providing clients with your own up to date, custom branded myfitnesspal guide. 

Save precious time not having to answer the same questions to new clients and focus your time on getting world class results.

MyFitnessPal is the number 1 nutrition tracker and is a valuable tool utilised by thousands of coaches worldwide.

Why use myfitnesspal:

✔︎ Makes it easy for clients to track nutrition

✔︎ You can see their food diary to ensure acountability

✔︎ This leads to better results

✔︎  Better results leads to more clients & more revenue

The guide is branded with your:

✔︎ Logo

✔︎ Name

✔︎ Brand colours

✔︎ Website (If Applicable)

Some of the topics covered in the guide:

✔︎ What is myfitnesspal

✔︎ Navigation

✔︎ Setting goals

✔︎ Adding Meals, Foods & Recipes

✔︎ Searching, Swiping & Scanning Foods

✔︎ Diary Sharing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?
    Once we receive your order, we will contact you to get your logo, business name, website & brand colours. once we have these, we can the create your guide and send it to you.
  • How long till I get my guide?
    Once we receive your logo, name, website and brand colours, you will receive your guide the same day or following day.
  • What can I use it for?
    You can send it to clients as part of your coaching service, use as a lead magnet or sell it as a stand alone product.